The Lost Highway

My final offering in book form for 2020 is the appropriately named ‘The Lost Highway’, a collection of six short stories with a spooky theme.

The stories are told using a variety of different narrative techniques (not by intent – they just turned out that way) but have two things in common: an emphasis on atmosphere rather than gore, and adherence to my belief that the main job of a storyteller is, simply put, to tell the *bleeping* story!

The six stories are:

The woman on Ventura: a retired US cop recounts an incident from over 50 years ago;

Jock Strain: an historian writes about a piece of local folklore;

He comes with the rain: an investigator theorises about a spate of strange disappearances;

Lot 157: a car bought at auction has a curious glitch;

The statement: a night-time drive results in a trip to the Sheriff’s office; and

The Luckenbrooch: perhaps the events set out in ‘Jock Strain’ weren’t mere folklore…

The ‘Lost Highway’ is available in Ebook form only (it’s too short to offer as a paperback) from Amazon for the princely sum of £1.80. I did intend to offer it for less but Amazon set a minimum price of £1.77. One-third of my royalties (if any…) will go to charity. As ever, details of the charities that have benefited will be posted in the ‘News’ section of this website.

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