Bangers and Classics podcast

Bangers and Classics is the brilliant, mind altering Podcast featuring James Ruppert and David Milloy explaining life, the universe and everything to do with the wonderful world of motoring…

Does the world need another Podcast with a couple of idiots talking about cars? Obviously not, but this one is very different. For starters, it features award-winning motoring journalist James Ruppert, the creator of Bangernomics and the writer of a number of excellent books. James’s sage observations and opinions can also be found within the pages of Autocar magazine every week.

James’s sidekick is David Milloy, a lawyer turned motoring writer. David caught the car bug as a child and never quite managed to shake it off. He’s written for a number of motoring publications as well as being the author of two books.

With a new episode uploaded every week, Bangers and Classics offers its own distinctive take on an eclectic assortment of topics – everything from the suitcase test to Leonid Brezhnev’s car collection via Rostyle wheels, the wisdom (or otherwise) of scrappage schemes and why car advertising has lost its way.

The first two episodes are available now on Anchor, Spotify and Pocket Casts, with other platforms to follow. There’s also a dedicated Bangers and Classics website.

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