On the way in 2023…

It’s been a while, but some new books will be appearing over the next few months.

The first is a sequel to The Ultimate Unofficial Formula One Quizbook. Like its predecessor it’ll be a hybrid quiz/narrative book that delves deep into F1 history to unearth facts, trivia and even the odd curio about motor racing’s premier category. Expect to see it in |February.

Changing tack will be a book on how (not) to buy a power boat. Based on personal experience, this book will help you get on the water without getting into, er, hot water. In other words, it’ll help you to avoid the sort of mistakes I made! And that’s got to be worth a few quid!

It’ll be followed by a book about a real-life mystery. And unlike some other books in this category, it won’t be based solely on research carried out from the comfort of the writer’s home; I’ll be getting my hands dirty on this one. It’ll be out next summer.

There will also be some readjustment of my existing books and an expanded version of The Lost Highway, my spectacularly unsuccessful book of spooky short stories. Beyond that, there might be a second volume of Lesser Spotted Classics, plus a couple of collaborations with other writers.

I’ll keep you posted.

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