The Ultimate Unofficial F1 Quiz Book

“Okay”, I hear you say, “it’s a quiz book about F1. What’s ‘ultimate’ about it?”

Well, it contains 201 multiple choice questions, split into 20 sections, that cover the entire history of Formula 1 from 1950 to date. But unlike most quiz books, this particular book gives you not just the answers but also includes a narrative that’s linked to each question, its answer, or both. Better still, you can access the answer to each question without also being exposed to the answers to other questions.

This flexibility means that you have the option of using the book in several different ways:

  1. As a standard quiz book, in which you complete a section and then refer to the answers for that section;
  2. As a bespoke quiz book, in which you can make up your own quiz from any of the 201 questions, using the book’s hyperlinks to ensure that you don’t have to see the answers to any questions that aren’t part of your quiz; and
  3. As a history book. If you wish, you can skip the quiz and access a part of the book that enables you to see each question, its answer, and the narrative that relates to it.

The book runs to over 50,000 words and contains a wealth of information about F1 – from stray priests to six-wheelers – that spans its 70 years. And courtesy of Marcus T. Ward, it also contains several excellent images of some seminal F1 cars through the ages.

So it’s more than just a quiz book; quite a bit more, in fact. So much so that I reckon it’s the ultimate in F1 quiz books.

And there’s one more thing: by buying this book you’ll be helping others, as half of my income from the sale of each book will be given to charity.

It’s now available on Amazon or those who have a Kindle device (and therefore a Kindle e-mail address) can purchase it directly from me using Paypal. Either way, the price is £4.00, and as mentioned above half of my income from every book sold will go to charity.

Giving to charity is important to me and is something that I do as often as I can. I’ve not identified the charities that I hope to support via sales of the book, for the simple reason that the amount of money available to distribute is directly linked to the number of books sold, and as yet I have no clear indication as to how many (or few) that will be. I can, however, say that my plan is to donate 50% of the charitable fund to charities involved in helping those affected by the current crisis (e.g. foodbanks, the Salvation Army etc.) with the other half going to animal welfare charities.

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